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Welcome to the Young Entrepreneur University, the premier entrepreneurial training for those looking to bring their knowledge, experience, and awareness to the highest level. Whether you are looking to start your own business or whether­­ you are a seasoned entrepreneur looking for fresh and innovative new approaches to business, Young Entrepreneur University is the place to make those goals achievable. By learning the inside secrets and understanding the successful strategies to achieving the business of your dreams, you will take leaps forward from the place you find yourself in
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currently.  Throughout the entire process, we emphasize the importance of surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded individuals who want to learn and grow professionally and personally so that you can move ahead in your business while having a strong support system to back you up at any time.

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this Year at YEU
Sat.-Sun. April 28-29 9:00 am

The Entrepreneur Revolution - Introductory Workshop

A Universal Shift Will Occur In Your Life and Business 
in the Year 2014. Are you ready for it?
You'll leave the Entrepreneur Revolution with the vision, courage, and know-how to reinvent the way you market and do business. That's our promise to you. 
August-October 10:00 am

Summer Semister '12 Curriculum Starts

Begin your journey with YEU and discover all the skills you need to thrive as an entrepreneur. Often times the path can be turbulent as a business owner and we know how surrounding yourself with the proper teachers, mentors, and peer group can have a great postive effect on your business future.